Initiatives for the modern world  


Programs overview


In keeping with our 7 Principles, the Royal Scandinavian Institute manages and provides the following 7 initiatives. Each program has been specially crafted and managed to provide the best suitable environment for the foundation of the sciences-arts, peace, prosperity and democracy (SAPPD). Each program specifically compliments one another, its best described as the system of a program-policy puzzle (PPP) that unites to one vision.


King Gustav III's vision - Advancement of Culture, Arts & Sciences Initiative

The RSI actively encourages and promotes the advancement of culture, arts and sciences within Europe, Africa and the MENA region. We believe that by combining local talent, experience and history with that of modernity, expression and sciences; we are then able to truly establish our vision for cohesion, democracy and peace as well as the advancement of society and the individual.


Global Development & Democracy Initiative

The RSI takes an active approach to stimulate global development by empowering local actors on the ground to bring about change in various sectors from education, arts to commerce and development. We believe by creating and nurturing locally sourced talent on the basis of open and democratic principles; we can create long-term and sustainable solutions so as to combat economic and social inequality, poverty and illiteracy.


Global Health Initiative

The issue of global health is an integral part of our daily lives and impacts society. Therefore many within the world are deprived from discussing and shaping global health, even more so cannot access services that address major health problems. Hence the RSI evaluates and practices solutions and therapies to common health issues that we all face, the RSI provides world class health consultation services; trained professionals help combat health problems by using a number of techniques. We are especially present in conflict areas and situations and provide specific therapy tailored to females.


Economic Development & Partnership

The RSI supports local businesses and individuals with fresh approaches in order to create or help their initiative grow, to seek new customers and to plan and evaluate their findings, products and business both domestically and internationally. In many cases we provide tailored and bespoke business models to their specific projects so as to help their families and community with the mission to fight inequality and poverty, we believe in creating opportunities and experiences rather than simply providing aid.

Responding to the voices of common people in diverse locations, the RSI aims to create a blueprint for cohesion based on systematic analysis and research that is both viable and relevant to each geographic location we operate in.


Global Policy Initiative

Governance and policy is an integral factor in the way we live our daily lives and directly impacts our livelihoods no matter our location. Thats why its important that we have a clear understanding of how policy works and in turn how governance delivers policy. Since the world is in a constant fluid state of change and challenges from crises in Europe to the Middle East, we examine the state of politics, society, economics and their role within our domains. We examine these ideas from various perspectives that in turn help us better prepare and understand the world we live in.


Gender Equality: Female Self-Reliance & Empowerment

Gender equality is a fundamental principle of the RSI, we strongly believe in providing the necessary platform and environment so as to support the equality of females within society, economics and politics both at home and abroad. In developing nations, we teach and promote the need for female self reliance and empowerment both at home and within the work place so as to “rely on oneself or one’s own capabilities to meet one’s personal needs". Furthermore, we provide lectures, workshops and specific female only therapy sessions in many parts of the world.


Education Initiative

Education is without a doubt the cornerstone to every civilization and we believe to humanity! That is why the RSI actively explores educational techniques so as to provide the latest in critical educational thought and to promote the need for education for marginalized populations. We take an active approach within primary, secondary and higher education. We are currently seeking to open the first RSI educational school in the Middle East to further inspire the next generation of students and leaders on the basis of our 7 principles and initiatives. We employ world class professionals whom are experts in their chosen fields and who choose to make a difference.