Royal Scandinavian Institute

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The Royal Scandinavian Institute

The Royal Scandinavian Institute opened its faculties; inspired by King Gustav III's command to see arts & sciences flourish within greater Scandinavia. King Gustav III of Sweden was a patron of the arts and sciences- cultural enlightenment was heavily promoted under Gustav III’s rule & directive.


The board of the RSI mandated 7 principles based on King Gustav III's vision to support the advancement of human rights, arts and the sciences within Europe, Africa and the MENA Region.


The RSI is at at the forefront of innovation in diverse sectors that are designed to assist our increasingly globalized world.


We at the RSI support new businesses with fresh approaches- in creating & assisting their initiatives grow both domestically & internationally.


We are committed to a socially conscious society that is accessible to all; with equal opportunities, regardless of race, background and gender.